Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Windjammers Frisbee Turn Indoor Gaming Into Outdoor Fun

I know my kids and I are excited about the upcoming launch of Windjammers epic arcade game on PS4 and PSVita. I am excited that Wham-O has launched a real "Flying Power Disc" in celebration of the new game coming out. My kids are really excited and it is a great way for us to play and interact as a family outdoors and also let them enjoy their gaming fun!

 Wham-O, the creator of the original Frisbee (and Hula Hoop…and Hacky Sack…and Slip ‘N Slide…),has brought gaming and outdoor fun to everyone. At a very affordable price. Yep; once your eyes begin to burn from too much screen time, you can now switch gears and physically play Windjammers in your own backyard. I love Wham-O for taking the initiative and giving gaming a new twist with an outdoor playable "Flying Power Disk". Connect with your kids and turn indoor gaming fun into outdoor playtime!

The exclusive Windjammers Frisbee will exclusively be sold at Fangamer

Get yours here.

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