Thursday, February 16, 2017

ToiletTree Products Review

Reviewz You Can Uze received a sample to facilitate this review and giveaway all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received. 

Almost everybody of this day and age loves music! I know I do it's seems like music is playing at my house all the time I like to listen to it while I'm getting things done weather it be cleaning the house, getting dress, doing my make up, to take a shower so when I saw the Stormp3 Player I was so excited and thanks to ToiletTree I get to review this product free for my honest opinion so on that note "Say hello to Stormp3."

Stormp3 is a water resistant MP3 player this thing is actually easier to load music on to then my phone is all you do is drag your music file to the Stormp3 folder. Thats it you got tons of music loaded to your Stormp3 player in literally just a couple of minutes. This held around 160 songs for me give or take a few according to the length of your music files it could hold more Its made so that you can mount this on your wall in your shower now I didn't mount mine I just sit it on a little rack in my shower but it works fine i'm sure either way. The sound quality on them are great I was really impressed with how loud this really was. It lights up blue very nice and pretty the Stormp3 player comes with AA batteries, the USB cord to download the music with, and the wall mounting kit very simple and easy to use. The best thing about this Stormp3 player to me was that it was portable and you can very easily slip this into a bag and pack it along with you on them family outings. My family loves the lake in the summer and my boys are always hollering at me to turn some music on when where there that always meant music on my phone and I was scared to death it would get wet and not work anymore, so needless to say they didn't hear music much now this summer we get to take our Stormp3 player with us to the lake we cant wait were so excited!!

Main Features According To STORMp3:

  • Water resistant, rubberized exterior
  • 2 built-in speakers
  • 2 GB of internal memory (holds approximately 500 songs of average length and quality) 
  • Simple “click and drag” application to add music
  • Shuffle design allows for random song play
  • Comes with a USB cord to download music
  • Includes 4 AA batteries, for approximately 73 hours of play time
  • Comes with a wall bracket for mounted and/or portable use
  • Available in Black or White
  • FCC approved

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