Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Funky Chunky #Easter Gift Guide#

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First of all I want to tell you Funky Chunky really has it all when it comes to being a sweet lover! If you like chocolate they have it all white, dark and milk chocolate. Funky Chunky has caramel, cinnamon and seasonal flavors! They have seasonal flavors and gifts for every occasion! Check out the amazing birthday gifts and their holiday gift assortments. I think Funky Chunky would be a great treat to slide in them baskets to add to all the Easter goodies. 

My family and I tried out the  Sea Salt Caramel PopcornPeanut Butter Cup PopcornChocolate Pretzels,Chocolate Popcorn and the ChipZel Popcorn. I loved every flavor and so did my family.The ChipZel Popcorn was my kids favorite it actually includes potato chips, pretzel sticks and popcorn drizzled in caramel, dark, white and milk chocolate. Every variety has thick swirls of different chocolate and or caramels. You can find a flavor everyone in your family will love because they have so many different varieties! Not only did this taste so good but it came so neatly package in a nice gift box making this a perfect gift for any occasion 

I love peanut butter so I knew my favorite would probably be the Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn. I loved it! The peanut butter mingles with the chocolate and popcorn so well. I also truly enjoyed the Chocolate Popcorn. I loved how it had all the different nuts and the caramel and chocolate just tops it off it was perfect for me. I think this will be  perfect for Easter basket stuffers for my boys they really love Funky Chunky!

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Monday, February 27, 2017

FarmHouse Fresh Goods #Easter Gift Guide#

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Easter is such an amazing time of year, it is in fact one of my favorite Holidays. I remember as a little girl I was always delighted to look out the window and see the Easter flowers bloom from then I knew the Easter bunny was coming soon. I think Easter falls at the perfect time of the year. I always enjoyed the fresh spring, the delicious sweets and the adorable pastel decor everyone seems to have all around the yard. I think that I would have no problem getting any of you to agree with me that one of the best parts of Easter is waking up to a giant Easter baskets stuffed with all your favorite Easter goodies. In our house you will find that a couple of our young adult women still having a little bit of there jealous bone left in them. So this year we found away to satisfy them we decided to get them a little Easter goodies gift set from FarmHouse Fresh goods.

The "This Bunny Loves You" Gift Set from FarmHouse Fresh Goods was exactly what any woman would hope to find in her Easter goodies this year the smell of this gift set was absolutely amazing it smells good enough to eat. This set comes with a farmhouse fresh customer favorite Sweet Cream Fine Body Scrub and Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream it came beautifully wrapped up in a gingham gift box with a gorgeous purple ribbon with the wooden scoop attached holding the goodies nicely wrapped and tied up in a pretty bow making this a great product all the way around. I have got to say that FarmHouse Fresh Goods really out done themselves with this Easter gift set.

The Sweet Cream Fine Body Scrub was by far my favorite of the two in the set the smell of this is really amazing I fell in love with the smell of this fine body scrub and had not even used the product yet. When I did get around later on in the day to using this I wasn't disappointed at all by this product. This scrub texture this has I just knew that it was going to be great. I never questioned if I would like this from the start. After using this my skin felt so soft I was so surprised how the fine grains in this awesome scrub had left my skin feeling super refreshed it was amazing to get to try this product I will definitely be purchasing some of this good body scrub from FarmHouse Fresh Goods again in the future. I strongly recommend all of my readers to try this body scrub out you will not be disappointed and you have just got to love this cute little spoon that comes with this I though it was just the cuties little set ever.  

The Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream was great and makes your hand feel so soft it  has a very light lavender smell I liked that this didn't leave my hands feeling greasy. It is perfect for every day use.  I love the Shea butter in anything it is so moisturizing and is great in this hand cream! This is perfect to slide in your purse for everyday on go using basically this is a tube full of awesomeness!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

DripJoy Giveaway

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Monday, February 20, 2017

White Mountain Puzzles #Easter Gift Guide#

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Puzzles are the perfect spring time rainy day activity helps build hand eye coordination and are great for bonding as a family. White Mountain Puzzles really has a huge variety of puzzles the animal puzzle four pack is perfect for Easter.  

White Mountain puzzles has stuck with the same business for over 35 years. White Mountain Puzzles has maintained relationships with thousands of accounts, manufacturers, printers, designers, sales representatives, and dozens of talented artists.  Every White Mountain Puzzle is manufactured in America. Every year their quality improves. All their puzzles are interlocking and made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper. Just recently they were named one of the top family owned businesses in New Hampshire. Their  puzzles are truly amazing they are original, colorful, educational and entertaining.
Are you into the adult coloring books as a hobby? I am and love what White Mountain Puzzles has come up with! Why not try out White Mountain Puzzles adult coloring puzzles?They are great for a hobby or just to sit down and relax . The fun of adult coloring books but more challenging as you have to work the puzzle as well. They take your mind off the world for a minute. I received one of these their great Yes adult coloring puzzles and I love it!
Another product I loved that I got to review was the Cereal Boxes 1000 piece puzzle. I loved the fun of seeing all the nostalgic boxes I remembered as a child. Some of these cereals are still around and I am an eighties baby! I had a strategy for working this puzzle. I worked one cereal box at a time. This was a pretty cool and complex puzzle! Great for adults or kids who are great with puzzles.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Great Pretenders #Easter Gift Guide#

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I wished that when we grew up we got to live in our own little imaginary universe but life just doesn't work that way unfortunately.  I know when I was a little girl I didn't have a problem pretending or imagining things. In fact I remember having a make believe friend name Sara whom I play with all time. As a parent I try and foster my children's imaginations but our busy lives often don't seem to have a place for creativity that isn't tied to productivity. So when I went on the journey to discover creative, pretend play toys I found Great Pretenders the kids truly love their products.

The product from Great Pretenders my oldest Landon picked out was the Colour A Costume-Pirate Vest and Eye patch he loved the fact that you could color these your self it came with markers, the vest, and the eye patch. On the vest,and eye patch one side is white with the designs outlined in black. This allows you to color each design differently the other side is red with black stripes made out of a silky fabric very nice. Its designed to be reversible so your child can wear this either way. Not only was I happy with the look of this but this also got my child's mind distracted from the internet and on to coloring which improves your child's motor skills, unleashes their creativity, and improves their confidence and self esteem. So needless to say this was a great product we received from Great Pretenders very satisfied on both sides.

So on to our second pick from Great Pretender we got our youngest Aydin the Red Firefighter Set. This was the cutest little set ever my son absolutely loves firetrucks when he isn't playing with one he's watching them on T.V.  So when I saw a opportunity to get him a fireman suit I took it, I must say it was a major hit in our house everybody loved it. It comes with a red fireman jacket, the badge, the helmet,  a little chef name tag so your child can write his name on it, a plastic play ax, and a little fire extinguisher you can but water in. This is truly a awesome little set our little man loved it now he not only get to watches them on T.V but he gets to be a fireman everyday to. Great Pretenders has something for everyone (girls, boys, younger, older) Not only are they affordable their also unique "We don’t see this stuff just anywhere! And for the parents of them gorgeous little girl I strongly recommend you checking out Great Pretender this Easter. I saw some very pretty little girl Princess dress, and fairy dress and some beautiful accessories. This place would be amazing to purchase some outfits for them Easter pictures coming up.  

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Karma Wellness Water Review

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Ok to start off honest I am not a big water person especially flavored water but, when I saw Karma water I couldn't help but think how tasty this water looked. So I thought I'd give this Karma Wellness Water a try. 

Karma Wellness Water is a truly enlightened product, born out of the idea that what goes around comes around. A product based on the simple belief that if you do something positive for others, or for yourself you’ll get something positive back in return. When you think about it, it just makes sense make good choices, and you’ll see and feel the benefits. Premixed vitamin drinks can lose their strength over time. But because they chose to keep Karma’s ingredients in a patented KarmaCap until you’re ready to mix them, you’re able to enjoy all their benefits at maximum potency. Karma Wellness water comes in 6 flavors (all of which I enjoyed) raspberry guava jackfruit, orange-mango, acai-pomberry, passionfruit-green tea, tropical burst, and pineapple coconut. I found that the vitamins mixed easily and completely very quickly, it took maybe five seconds of shaking at most to combine it with the water. The taste was amazing I couldn't believe how good it's was or the fact that I was drinking water and actually liked it. I also found the Karma cap technology to be very neat my kids loved this water and of course I loved it for them because for once they were actually drinking something healthy for them they to loved the Karma cap technology my oldest says "this is better than plain old boring water at least this water has some action to it" haha! I do recommend trying Karma Wellness Water my family and I love it.   

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ToiletTree Products Review

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Almost everybody of this day and age loves music! I know I do it's seems like music is playing at my house all the time I like to listen to it while I'm getting things done weather it be cleaning the house, getting dress, doing my make up, to take a shower so when I saw the Stormp3 Player I was so excited and thanks to ToiletTree I get to review this product free for my honest opinion so on that note "Say hello to Stormp3."

Stormp3 is a water resistant MP3 player this thing is actually easier to load music on to then my phone is all you do is drag your music file to the Stormp3 folder. Thats it you got tons of music loaded to your Stormp3 player in literally just a couple of minutes. This held around 160 songs for me give or take a few according to the length of your music files it could hold more Its made so that you can mount this on your wall in your shower now I didn't mount mine I just sit it on a little rack in my shower but it works fine i'm sure either way. The sound quality on them are great I was really impressed with how loud this really was. It lights up blue very nice and pretty the Stormp3 player comes with AA batteries, the USB cord to download the music with, and the wall mounting kit very simple and easy to use. The best thing about this Stormp3 player to me was that it was portable and you can very easily slip this into a bag and pack it along with you on them family outings. My family loves the lake in the summer and my boys are always hollering at me to turn some music on when where there that always meant music on my phone and I was scared to death it would get wet and not work anymore, so needless to say they didn't hear music much now this summer we get to take our Stormp3 player with us to the lake we cant wait were so excited!!

Main Features According To STORMp3:

  • Water resistant, rubberized exterior
  • 2 built-in speakers
  • 2 GB of internal memory (holds approximately 500 songs of average length and quality) 
  • Simple “click and drag” application to add music
  • Shuffle design allows for random song play
  • Comes with a USB cord to download music
  • Includes 4 AA batteries, for approximately 73 hours of play time
  • Comes with a wall bracket for mounted and/or portable use
  • Available in Black or White
  • FCC approved

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Liquid Ice Energy Drink Review And Giveaway

Reviewz You Can Uze received a sample to facilitate this review and giveaway all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

Are you a big energy drink person?  If so you have got to try Liquid Ice Energy Drink we received these for a review and I have got to tell you these were great I couldn't believe that I hadn't seen these in any local convenient store around home.

Liquid Ice Energy was created in 2003 this drink was manufactured my liquid management partners and is said to be the hidden gem according to industry It has become one of the most hottest and fastest growing energy drinks on the market. Liquid Ice Energy's Taste, Color, Packaging, and Superior Ingredients has been its key factor's in it's success today. There mission is to provide the finest energy drink that is second to none and offers the best taste in the energy drink market. Liquid Ice Energy comes in five flavors Zero, Red, Blue, Orange, and Black. Liquid Ice Energy comes in captivating flavors that offer a unique combination of nostalgic taste and performance enhancing ingredients, all in an eye catching package. With vibrant colors and advanced formulation that doesn't give you jitters or crash, Liquid Ice blends natural flavors with Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 to invigorate the body when you need energy, endurance and high performance. They delivery a unique, delicious, and unidentifiable flavor that is incomparable to any other energy drink on the market.

We got to try four of the flavor's Red, Orange, Blue, Black it was a toss up between the red, and blue but are Family's favorite seem to be the red one. This is very tasty, and seems to give you a pretty good boost of energy goes great with mixing cocktails I do recommend trying Liquid Ice Energy Drinks one sip of this and I was hooked I drank all four of the once we received 

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Chewy Review

Reviewz You Can Uzreceived these goodies free of charge from Chewy.com in an exchange for my honest opinion all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

I'm Always on the look out for new products for Bella, you never know what your cat might like and sometimes it's worth it to try something new. So this week chewy.com sent Bella a new treat and a different type of litter than we usually use and I must say it went well. I was totally surprised seeming that Bella is always so picky over everything.

This week from chewy.com we got to try Purina Pro Plan Dental Crunch Cat Snacks with Natural Chicken and Liver Flavor Cat Treats Bella seemed to like this treat very well and to me any treat that supports your cats health and satisfy's the craving's is a win win, This treat is high in protein free from any artificial color, flavors, or preservatives this treat is also high in omega-6 fatty acid upping your cats maximum health benefits. Their crunchy texture helps keep your cats teeth clean, freshen breath, and removes tartar buildup this treat comes in a resealable bag to make your cats treats stay fresh longer and keep the flavor of chicken and liver stay rich in treat so your kitty will love every bit Bella really loved this treat we actually went out and bought her more of these treats after receiving this bag to review.

We also got the chance to review Frisco Multi- Cat Clumping Cat Litter 40 lb bag this litter is is made of all natural clay that form hard clumps for easy scooping. The granules create a powerful bond to lock in moisture and prevent any liquid from getting in the bottom of the litter box it's also especially formulated to help neutralize odor and is low tracking so that means less mess when your cat make it's way in and out of the litter box. This litter has a excellent order control we had never used this litter until this week I really liked this litter the way the litter clumps it makes cleaning the litter box a breeze the odor control works pretty good and this litter is very affordable really you cant bet it for the prize I think in the future we will purchase this litter again to use. 

Want to send a special thanks to chewy.com for all the love and hard work your company puts in to their products and for letting us get to review your products we really look forward to receiving your product each month.

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