Friday, January 13, 2017

Stor-All Solutions Review #Valentine's Day Gift Guide#

Reviewz you can uze received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!

Who isn't a big fan of leftovers? I know that my family and I are so when we got our Stor-All Solutions I was so excited! To me this meant that I would now be able to find something in my refrigerator and be able to have plate's and bowl's again. We got to try the Press N' Click storage containers , Go Lunch Salad, Lunch Box that had spoon and fork contained in top,couple  Grip N' Go water bottle, and a medium Storage Basket.

 My thought is Stor-All Solutions really done the trick here when they come up with the Press N' Click this would be great gift for valentine's day for all them Valentine's day dinner leftovers. This press n'click was so awesome they are air and water tight this making your food stay fresh a lot longer then it would normally they are also microwave,dishwasher, and freezer safe and the best thing is they are made to stack together for a nice and neat look in or on your counter tops or cabinets. In my opinion this is a Win-Win for Stor-All Solutions by far the best product in the package we received This also made me love the Go Lunch Salad because it contains a press n' click container inside of a neoprene, insulated case with built in handle for easy carrying and that it helps keep your contents inside either hot or cold whatever is good for you this was a great item for me seeming that i stay on the road for kids doctors appointment and etc now I can take something to snack along but my boys well we will say there opinion was a little different.

For my oldest Landon he's 8 year's old his favorite was the Lunch Box and storage Basket. He thought that there was nothing no cooler then a lunchbox with a compartment for a spoon and fork. he was so excited over this he said that now mom when you make my favorite dinner like spaghetti I can take it to school and don't have to worry about it spilling and ill have a fork to eat it with already. He was really happy and proud with this product. The Storage Basket well he had a whole new idea for this one this one he said could store all his games for his Play-station 3 to be a medium basket it has a pretty good bit of space he said that way it will clean up my entertainment center and make it look nice and neat mom. In that department I had no argument if this little basket was going to get him to keep his games all picked up and put in one spot I was all for it. 

Now last but not least my little one Aydin he is 2 his favorite out of this package was the Grip N' Go right of the bat he grabbed this as soon as I opened the box in my mind I was thinking this was his favorite because he wanted to drink out of this. Well no love his heart he thought this was a spray bottle as all you moms know how much these 2 year old's love spray bottles if you all are like me you have to keep everyone of them no matter what kind it is in the highest spot in your house. But after I got him to realize what this actually was and how to drink out of it. This is still his favorite although he still hasn't got it completely down on drinking out of it he wants to turn it up like his sippy cup but he'll get the hang of it but for now  we get a kick out of this as well just watching him try and drink out of it we tell him hold it down he thinks he has to squat down so funny. another great thing about this we thought was the ice tube it has a tube insert that connects to the straw that is removable to fill with water and freeze to make all your favorite beverages cold on the go awesome water bottle. In mine and Landon's opinion to but we done see if we want one we will have to go and purchase us one because the one that was sent is done taking my the BOSS of the house lol.

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