Sunday, January 22, 2017

Downtown Book Works Review #Valentine's Day Gift Guide#

Reviewz You Can Uze received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!

Downtown BookWorks has a great selections for stem education also great for those of you that home school your kids or great for just an old fashion at home nature studies. They have a wide Variety of books picture books , board books, PBS kids, activity books, and many more this is a great place to check out for your child's educational needs also a great place to purchase them a Valentine's Day gift.

 Downtown BookWorks is a great place if you like crafting with your kids. We received the PBS kids sticks & stones this is a great crafting kit for your kids it has 50 creative projects using backyard finds this was awesome my kids absolutely loved this we tried the the rock painting tic tac toe activity this was a cute little project to do with your kids. You find 6 rocks paint 3 lady bug and 3 bumble bees and then find 4 sticks and create a tic- tac toe board. My kids played with this all day. Not only does Downtown BookWorks get your child reading and more educated it also get them outside playing like we did growing up instead of in the house like kids today wants to do. If your like me technology has took over with my oldest child he never wants to go outside anymore its either the iphone, computer or the playstation 4 but the sticks and stones pbs kit got him outside enjoying nature.

Insect-O-Mania was also a good choice from Downtown BookWorks this to also gets your child out and about in world. It educates their mines on all the insects they find outside around the house. My kids loved that it had the real beetle bug in front of the book inside the glass that pops out of the plastic container they used the container to store the bugs they found so they could have a good look at them without having to hold the bugs they were looking at. We loved both the books we got from Downtown BookWorks this is a really great place to find a gift for Valentine's Day for your kids.

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  1. Look and Learn wait, a walk in the woods. no. no. its the insects. or maybe girl power or...
    wow. theres a lot of cool stuff there.