Thursday, January 19, 2017

Diana's Banana's Review #Valentine's Day Gift Guide#

Reviewz You Can Uze received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own! 

Diana's Banana's Nutritious and delicious with only 130  calories per pop!!! This is truly a unique snack idea and great for gifts!  They really satisfy your craving for sweets and they are a healthy alternative to empty calories. My son Aydin loved the "Banana Babies". He likes them best when there thaw out a little bit before eating them.  The chocolate is awesome on these and when you let them thaw a couple minutes so that you can bite the banana the chocolate doesn't melt.  I would recommend them to anyone for a  snack, children's nutritional snack, or for the lactose intolerant people who enjoy ice cream Diana's Banana's Dark Chocolate are a delicious non dairy substitute for ice cream. Banana Babies makes a perfect family snack.

I haven't even got to mentioned the banana bites yet they come in a sealed container.  Diana's banana bites are what they are called small circular slices of bananas dipped in chocolate just the right size for one bite, I love them they are my favorite, but once I get started I can't quit.  These babies are addictive. You have to try this delicious unique food, my family and I have enjoyed them very much.


Make sure to check out Diana's Banana's site and follow them on social media below! This is a great snack perfect for gifting!

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  1. I would love to try and make these for my boys. I like the option to add crushed nuts also.