Tuesday, January 31, 2017

aGreatLife #Newest and Best# Toys Review 2017

Reviewz You Can Uze received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

So I got to thinking on receiving my products from aGreatLife how many of us actually get to spend quality time with are kids as much as we would like to. Because lets face in the world today everybody has to work to provide for there family's and kids have school for there education. When everyone is at home together these days seems like technology takes over the rest of our time in the evenings weather it being I phones, PlayStation, X boxes, or laptops.  aGreatLife has come up with a brand that helps try to gain back quality time with our family's there mission is to spread the message of thankfulness and to make us see the joy's of living again there belief is that there is abundance in this world for everyone. With that being said I was excited to review there product's to try and have some fun time with my kids and make memorable moments and boy did we have a fun day with these product's.

For our review from aGreatLife we got to do the Huge Rainbow Kite. This was very easy to put together the rods on the side are already in the sides of the kite you just attach them together it came with two rods that go to together kinda like the same rods you would use on tents. It came with the roll of flying string so just put the two rods together and tie the string on and your ready for hours of fun. So we put it together and us being from Kentucky January is not really flying kite season. But the wind was blowing a little bit and my oldest son Landon wasn't going to have it no other way but to go out and try it. So we did and it flew a little bit and my two year Aydin was amazed this being he's first time seeing a kite and we got to laugh at Landon as he was flying this kite . All in all it was still a fun memorable day we had a blast. The kids cant wait for spring time so we can take it to the park and fly it. So I can honestly say aGreatLife did there mission here by getting us outside playing together having fun as a family making memories. Below I have posted the video showing you how to put the kite together and so you can see this great colorful kite fly. 

We also reviewed the DIY Graffiti Pillow Case Coloring Set from aGreatLife I found this to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing for me. Also a very fun activity for the kids we actually started coloring on this today. I though this was a great item because I don't get to spend as much time with my oldest Landon anymore like I did before I had his baby bother and sometimes I fill he get jealous of his younger brother Aydin cause he says , ''he get more attention.'' I try and explain he just takes up a little more time cause he still little and needs more. This DIY Graffiti pillow case coloring set gave me and him a project to do together and we get to spend quality time and bond with each other and not only was this good for him but for me also. This was something we really needed a fun therapeutic, relaxing activity for the winter this will keep use busy on them snowy days we've been having. We have agreed that he does one side I do the other. Each set comes with a pillow cover with a beautiful and elegant pattern and free fabric markers. There are 3 elegant designs to choose from Tree, Heart and Treehouse. The pillowcase is made of high-quality spandex linen. This to turn out to be a great item it made us have a happy life today from aGreatLife

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  1. the kite looks amazing and I wanna color the heart

  2. What fun toys! I love the kite :)


  3. These Rainbow kites are so very beautiful! My nephews would love to have these to fly on a beautiful sunny blue day. Thanks for the review!

  4. Very nice, the kids would so enjoy it.

  5. The Huge Rainbow Kite is something that my son would enjoy! My daughter is an artist so I know she would love to have the DIY Graffiti Pillow Case Coloring Set.
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  6. thats a pretty amazing kite we would have a ton of fun with this really neat