Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ABC Monsters Play-date Review

Reviewz you can uze received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!

NCircle always offers the best in kid's entertainment! They have educational movies and fun activities for all ages! We got the chance to host an ABC Monsters play-date! We showed the new ABC Monsters movie and had several other goodies to share with the kids, we ate pizza and cupcakes they had a great day. ABC Monsters was good enough to send Stationary Kits and movies from ABC Monsters for all the kids. We had 4 children ages 2-5 and they were all happy and excited. They loved watching the movie and I used some ABC Monsters printable that you can find here. I highly recommend ABC Monsters for all you mom's and dads out there who are wanting to host a play-date they are really fantastic!!!

ABC Monster's is of course about teaching your child their ABC'S. They have several different installments in the series and we are on #5 ABC Monster's Rainy Day Raffle in Capital Castle. This episode teaches letters Q,R,S,T AND U in fun and creative ways children can relate to and enjoy! The ABC Monster's stationary kits we received added to the fun allowing kids to cut out letters, do their printed activities we got from the website and engage more with the characters.


                   Aydin had the most fun showing off all the gifts we had received to give to all the other kids!!!

He loved it and really enjoyed having other kids to play and share the ABC Monster fun with! I loved watching how they picked up on their ABC's together and how each child had different ways of doing there stationary printable. "A Very Successful Play-Date"!!!

Get your own copies of all the ABC Monster's episodes and follow them on social media below:

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