Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Wonderful Wizard of Dinoz #Holiday Gift Guide#

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My kids love dinosaurs, exploring and movies! Dino Dan is one of their favorite children's series. With Dino Dan children learn about dinosaurs of every type. Dan is a child just like them and he learns through observing, hypothesizing and exploring about dinosaurs. Your children will learn to by watching him! We received our latest Dino Dan copy Dino Dan The Wonderful Wizard of Dinoz available now and my kids loved it.

In this title Dan's mom reads the Wonderful Wizard of Oz to him before bed and he drifts off to sleep. When he awakens he is in the Wonderful World of Dinoz. He discovers Scare-Troodon (Penelope), the Tin-Dromaeosaurus (Bobby), and the Cowardly Stygimoloch (Hannah) and learns about each.  Dan heads off with all of his dinosaur friends to the wizard to save some Dino skeletons.

Dino Dan The Wonderful Wizard of Dinoz makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift purchase below and follow NCircle on social media below for new releases and so much more:


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