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classic cruiser ride #Holiday Gifft Guide#

Check out this this Classic Cruiser that I received for my babies this holiday season.I absolutely love this product  if you have little ones at home wishing santa would bring them a cool car to cruise the neighbor hood in you can't go wrong by purchasing this for that holiday season coming up.It has some great features on this awesome ride for your kiddo's it includes forward and reverse and high and low speeds and if your like me and have a little one that hasn't learned how to have them prefect driving skills yet it's prefect for you cause it also includes a 4 button remote control that lets you take over driving for them me I think this is the best feature.It also has a revving motor sound when key is turned on led headlights aux Jack for your kids own style of music,working horn and also the doors and trunk opens my youngest Aydin loves this he takes all his little men and fills the trunk which has a pretty good bit of space for the size of the car.This car is perfect for ages 2 to about 5 it holds up to 65lbs runs on a 12volt battery to find this ride and many more log on to http://m.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=89038&promo=Toys-Games-Outdoor-Play&catid=252 this site has all sorts of items it is also known for the unexpected products they have some really amazing stuff on here you can't go wrong if your at home looking on the web for Christmas present for your kids or husband check out this site http://m.hammacher.com/?promo=Breadcrumb

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Ninja Coffee Bar System #Holiday Gift Guide#

The product comes with a new extended look with a built-in frother on the left side of the coffee system.  It has one touch settings through a push button or knob setting that allows you to make your coffee the way you like it.  The new features that are available on this system that are not on last year’s model is the Integrated Frother, Over Ice Pitcher, new drink customizations, etc.

New Features
Integrated Frother:  The system comes with a built-in Frother arm that is easy to use allowing you to save time frothing your milk in a convenient way attached to the product.It saves time and is super easy with a push button activation

Advanced Thermal Flavored Extraction Technology:  This feature is used to create an even better coffee tasting experience where you can create variable levels of richness all from the same coffee grounds.  There are settings that will provide different tastes for you which are Classic Brew, Rich Brew, Over Ice Brew, Speciality (Concentrated) 4oz, and Café Forte 8oz. 

Drink Size Settings:  cup, XL cup, travel, XL multi-serve, half, and 

It literally takes about 8 minutes or so to make a full carafe for all my guests - this saves me so much time and effort making individual coffees for everyone. Perfect for coffee mornings! Literally use the scoop provided, put desired coffee amount in the compartment, fill the water to the marker which says full carafe, and at the press of a button you have your coffee. I forgot how good fresh coffee smells. I love the heat plate too and the stay warm option.

And if your a mommy like me my kids really enjoyed the integrated frother we had a nice family gathering enjoying the fun recipe's included in this product if you are a coffee lover like me you can't go wrong getting this product for this holiday season this is a must have for your kitchen this year you can get it now at http://m.ninjakitchen.com/16/products/ninja-coffee-bar-system-cf092/3/cpc/ogxxxviiii/?utm_source=offer39cpcmobile&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=CF09228PGredirect39OG

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost #holiday gift guide#

The Nutri ninja Nutri Bowl DUO is prefect to have in your home this hoilday season as you are preparing family meals.Perfect for chopping up veggies,fruits and so much more.are you wanting a homemàde slushie, the NutriNinja Nutri Bowl DUO will crush up you ice just like snow in a matter of seconds,  The Nutri Bowl DUO  Nutrient Extraction unlocks hidden nutrients by breaking ingredients down, creating delicious, nutrient-rich juices and smoothies

If your like me you like all these expensive ice coffee's and smoothies now you don't have to pay that high cost for this delicious drink you can make them  at home for a lot less cost and alot more of your favorite drinks to share with your familyThis Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO is a must-have in your kitchen for all your baking and cooking needs

Check out this product it's a must have for your holiday seasonhttp://www.ninjakitchen.com/duo/products/nutri-ninja-nutri-bowl-duo-nn100?gclid=COGznMeYzNACFZM6gQodGhEPog

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Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology

Take cleaning to a whole new level with the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology! Let me start out by saying my house is composed of both hardwood floors and carpet and I am never satisfied that my floors are clean enough. With carpet and hardwood flooring it seems like when I get the carpet clean the floors need swept and vice versa. With the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology I can clean not only my carpet but my hardwood floors with the same vacuum. 
The kids are constantly making one mess after another; mainly spills and I loved the attachments that were included in the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology. A whole bag of spilled chips took less than five minutes for me to clean up with the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology. The attachments also make the corners in the kitchen simple to sweep. It seems like everything gets stuck in those corners. 

We have owned several Shark products and are always satisfied with the cleaning power Shark offers. The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology offers several benefits that you will want to look at when choosing the right product for your home. It transitions between hard and soft surfaces with ease. The 2 brush system allows the 2 brushes to work together  allowing the Shark Rocket Complete to pick up large, small and even stuck on particles on flooring and carpets. This is Shark’s most technologically advanced ultra-light upright, providing remarkable floor to ceiling cleaning and obliterates embedded dirt and stuck-on dust, while providing improved flexibility. Their are plenty of benfits that the Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology offers these are just a few of the main ones that help my family.
The Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology makes the perfect gift this Holiday Season; affordably priced durable and useful it's something anyone is sure to appreciate. Get mom something useful this year check out Shark.com and find the product that is right for you. Be sure to check out Shark below HERE.

Bear Motion Crackle Glass Ball Path Light

Scribbler 3D Pen

Sunday, November 13, 2016

3D Light FX

3DLIGHTFX 3D Deco Lights are the perfect gift this holiday season. They have a full range of comic book, super hero, Disney Princess, sports and car lights that look as though they are popping right out of the wall! They are battery operated and cool to the touch so you can place them any where in the room! Your kids will loves having these in their rooms and they're also the perfect editions to a den, family room, man's cave or office! Find all of these amazing products here!

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide!


Are you looking for the perfect gift this Holiday Season let Free For All help you check out the categories below and find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list this year from baby to grandpa we have you covered!

Baby's Gifts

Women's Gifts

Household Gifts

Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean Technology
Men's Gifts
Stocking Stuffer's


From crafting to drawing, nothing creates a unique piece of art quite like the Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen.

Scribbler 3D Pen is a tool for the creative minds of our generation. It allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up; build any and everything you can imagine with ultimate ease and precision. Scribbler 3D Pen has been significantly improved upon as compared to other models that already exist on the market.Art has been around since the dawn of time. Drawings; paintings; sculptures; it's all a way to express our love, emotion and feelings. And now, thanks to the Scribbler 3D Pen, we have a tool for the creative minds of our generation. Lightweight and easy to use, our 3D pen allows you to build 3D objects from the ground up with ease and precision. What to make a jet fighter? You can do that. Do you love unicorns? You can make that, too. The Scribbler 3D Pen comes with a unique speed control function that allows you to adjust plastic filament output so you can get the finer details in your art projects. If you're looking to add to your art kit or just want to expand your creativity, there's nothing quite as fun and unique as the Scribbler 3D pen. http://www.scribbler3dpen.com/

HERE'S HOW THE SCRIBBLER 3D PEN WORKS. The Scribbler 3D Pen uses filaments that you can extrude out of the nozzle/tip once they've been heated. As it exits the pen, it instantly cools and solidifies as you begin drawing your creation. This allows it to create a strong, stable foundation so you can continue building alone the way. The Scribbler 3D Pen Package includes: Scribbler 3D Pen V3 in selected color. USA Power Adapter UL Standard. 3x 1.75mm PLA Filament in different colors,10 feet per loop. Easy-to-Follow Instructions.

AMAZING 3D CREATIONS: Create unique and fantastic 3-D art straight out of your imagination. Draw vertically, horizontally, or make up your own style! You'll find that the only limit for your 3D pen is your own imagination. Scribbler 3D Pen V3 is NEWEST MODEL of 3D pen and includes all the latest features: LARGE OLED screen which gives the user complete control over all details of their drawing experience from temperature and feed settings to material type options.

3D ART MADE EASY: The Scribbler 3-D Drawing Pen is lightweight, easy to manage, and lets you release the perfect amount of filament for precision crafting and art. It also won't jam due to the premium unclogging feature. You can use ABS, PLA, FLEXIBLE, WOODEN, BRONZE, COPPER plastic filaments with our 3D Pen! http://www.scribbler3dpen.com/

KIDS AND ADULTS WILL LOVE OUR SCRIBBLER 3D PEN: Whether you're an experienced artist, novice crafter, or exited hobbyist, our Scribbler 3D Pen is great for people of all ages. The best toy for boys or for girls, and a great gift for men and women who love tech or artsy toys, this is one pen you absolutely need! SafEvery pen comes with 3 FREE LOOPS of PLA plastic filament, fume free!

EMBRACE YOUR CREATIVITY: Our art 3D pen is more than your average paintbrush, pencil or watercolor; it's a truly unique art tool that allows you to create dragons, ships, superhero logos, and so much more. Give in to your creative side and make something that truly wows people. Safety functions include: Ceramic Nozzle - much safer compared to copper nozzle from other manufacturers; automatic shut-off after a couple minutes of non-use for your safety.

My readers get to save!
Save $35 with usfamilyguide coupon! - Use coupon code "usfamilyguide" during checkout at scribbler3dpen.com to get $35 off your order of Scribbler 3D Pen!
http://usfamilycoupons.com/coupon.php?regionid=75&bid=13130&dealid=3053 .@usfg

Creekside Farms Wreath Review!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own. NO FINANCIAL COMPENSATION WAS RECIEVED.

Living in Kentucky I am a huge fan of the outdoors. I love flowers, herbs, pine combs and just the smell of winter. Creekside Farms wreaths are actually made from real herbs and flowers bringing the outdoors scents into your home. The story behind Creekside Farms is such a heartwarming story I really wanted to share it with you.
Creekside Farms Story
 In the late 1980s, Larry and Carol Umbarger began growing flowers, and then ornamental and culinary herbs to help with college expenses for their 2 older children. This led to discovering a market for California Pepper berries, which ultimately led to a connection with Smith and Hawken, an upscale retailer of home and garden products. Smith and Hawken had a vendor who needed help meeting a deadline for their company. So the Umbargers dove right in, and that weekend learned how to make a wreath. They spent the next 3 weeks making 3,000 wreaths in their playroom.
Today, Creekside Farms provides quality products to many retail and ecommerce companies, having designed and offered numerous product variants to those companies in its 25-year history. Now, 3,000 wreaths are made in a matter of days, instead of weeks.
The business has grown considerably, with family at its core. Larry and Carol’s three sons and daughter-in-law now manage the business, with significant contributions coming from very long time and committed employees. Operations no longer exist at the family ranch, but instead now operate on a 20-acre farm in Greenfield, CA, complete with a 12,000 square foot manufacturing and office facility.

To purchase from Creekside Farms go to Creekside Farms website here. To connect further with Creekside Farms follow them on social media below:

Microfiber Towel Camping XL Extra Large

Monsters Cereal Election Sweepstakes & Instant Win Game

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Costumes at Oriental Trading

It's party time!! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Now that I have kids of my own I get to enjoy helping them pick out their costumes each year. I love seeing their personalities come out in their costume choices. We do a Halloween Party every year so that the  kids can all dress up and spend the evening playing games. I've always loved doing themes but as the kids have gotten older they go in completely different directions. I decided to let them browse Oriental Trading with me this year and choose their own costumes.
 After hours of going back and fourth with what they wanted, my youngest chose to go with the blue and grey Batman. He's a huge Batman fan so this came as no surprise. The costume was so cute and very well made. It came with the body suit with built in muscles, cape, mask and utility belt. He has tons of little Batman toys like nun chucks, walkie talkies etc that will hook right onto the belt.
My oldest ended up going with Ghostbusters. He loves the movie and was so excited. His costume was a one piece suite that zips in the front and comes with the inflatable back pack. Simple but stunning!! He doesn't like anything that covers his face so costume ideas have always been a bit of a hassle for us. Not to mention his cute belly which requires his costume to need to be a little lose. No need for a mask with this choice and the one piece jump suit fit him perfectly.
About Oriental Trading Company : We are the nation’s largest direct merchant of value-priced party supplies, arts and crafts, toys and novelties, and a leading provider of school supplies and affordable home décor and giftware. OTC has been recognized as one of the Top 100 Internet Retailers and one of the Top 50 Catalog Companies.

       Oriental Trading


Tuesday, November 1, 2016


hey its me just wanted to share some of the pictures of Halloween night with you we had a blast my youngest Aydin he was dressed up as batman and my oldest Landon he was a ninja

the boys out on the candy prowl lol!!
Aydin and his candy party when he got home
Landons candy party when he got home

Crayola One of Our Back to School Favorites!

   My kids and I really enjoyed trying numerous types of Crayola products we otherwise may have never known about like the new Crayola Doodle Scents Washable Markers. They are perfect. The Dry Erase crayons were also a hit, my boys loved that they had a crayon they could wipe off. They can also use them in their wipe off work books. It makes learning a little funner! For these crayons all you really need is a slick surface that wipes off easily nothing of course that is valuable or you would worry may be damaged. For the little artist in my life my youngest Landon he had a ball with the Water Colors and loved how I could clean off the colors when he mixed them up on accident with a paper towel.

Crayola is a brand I grew up with and to me it is iconic. I want my kids to enjoy the same fun I had with Crayola product's as a child and I want your kids to enjoy Crayola also. So make sure you are following Crayola on social media below to stay up to date on contests, coupons, new products, discounts and so much more!

Kahiki Korean-Style BBQ Pork and Toasted Sesame Chicken Yum Yum Stix Review!

                                         I am so excited to be a part of the Kahiki Ambassador program this year. Kahiki is one of our favorite brands; I love Asian foods and Kahiki makes the best. The wonderful thing is Kahiki is restaurant quality Asian food you can fix right at home. With three kids going out doesn't happen as often as it used to with each baby it seems to get harder and harder. Kahiki is the perfect solution! We recently got the chance to try 2 varieties of Kahiki's new Yum Yum Stix. We chose the Korean-Style BBQ Pork Yum Yum Stix and the Toasted Sesame Chicken Yum Yum Stix.
Korean-Style BBQ Pork Yum Yum Stix include tender diced pork with Korean BBQ seasonings, onions and red pepper in a thin and crispy seasoned wrapper. Chris my husband and Christian my 7 year old loved these we actually had to go buy another 2 boxes the next day! I thought they were pretty good to they had an excellent BBQ flavor.
Toasted Sesame Chicken Yum Yum Stix include diced chicken with Thai basil, cabbage and carrots in a thin and crispy herb wrapper. I liked these best but I am partial to chicken. I loved the wrapper it is so crispy and tasty!
Make sure to join the Kahiki Stir It Up Club just click here! When you join the Stir It Up Club, you'll receive a $1 off coupon to try any delicious Kahiki appetizer, entrée or snack, a FREE monthly issue of In The Wok and a copy of our Asian Dinner Party Planner to help you celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Nickelodeon The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past Fast Facts Review!


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves on the adventure of a lifetime when they accidentally time travel back to the Jurassic Era in Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past. During the 2D-animated special, the Turtles encounter friendly dinosaurs from the past and dangerous aliens from the future who have a nefarious plan of their own. Using their ninja skills and having some fun along the way, the four brothers must find a way to save the day and get back home. This special DVD comes with a fun Nick Bonus Disc (while supplies last) and kicks off the "Year of the Turtle" leading up to the 2016 theatrical release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows!  Created by Nickelodeon and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, this exciting adventure will be available on DVD March 15, 2016for the suggested retail price of $14.99.
Turtle fans can experience even more dinosaurs with Playmates' popular Half-Shell Heroes toy line.
Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past Fast Facts
Street Date: March 15, 2016
Catalog: 59175559000 (US); 59175560000 (CAN)
Running Time: 43 Minutes
S.R.P. $14.99
Be on the lookout starting February 16th to purchase your copy of Nickelodeon Blaze and the The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past Fast Facts  DVD. Make sure to visit Nickelodeon for all your favorite friends including Blaze plus sooo many more and follow Nickelodeon on Social Media below:





Available on DVD October 11, 2016

My kids love Nickelodeon we always look forward to the Holiday movies! A very Nick Jr. Christmas met all of my expectations and the kids loved it! We have watched it atleast 20 times now! This makes the perfect stocking stuffer! To purchase your copy go to Amazon now just click here. This one is sure to please the kids!
Nickelodeon preschool favorites from the past and present come together to help celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the all-new collection, Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas. This jolly and joyful collection includes beloved shows like Dora and Friends: Into the City! and Bubble Guppies, along with new hit shows like Shimmer and ShineWallykazam! and Blaze and the Monster Machines. Whether it's racing to rescue lost Christmas presents with Blaze or visiting Santa with Shimmer and Shine, there's no shortage of holiday cheer and festive adventure. Produced by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Media Distribution, Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas will be available on DVD October 11, for the suggested retail price of $14.99.
Nickelodeon Favorites: A Very Nick Jr. Christmas includes the following episodes:
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines - "Monster Machine Christmas" - It's Christmas Eve and Blaze and AJ are helping Santa and his elves load his magic bag full of presents to deliver all over the world. Crusher wants to open his present early and sends all the presents flying away while sneaking into Santa's bag. It's up to Blaze, AJ and Crusher to rescue the presents and deliver them all before Christmas morning.
  • Shimmer and Shine - "Santa's Little Genies" - It's Christmas Eve and Leah forgot to mail Zac's letter to Santa. When she calls on Shimmer and Shine to help deliver the letter, they transport her to the North Pole where Leah can deliver the letter to Santa in person. After Leah accidentally wishes Santa to a tropical island, it's up to the girls to deliver the presents and save Christmas.
  • Dora and Friends: Into the City! - "Shivers the Snowman" - Dora and friends help a brave but lost snowman named Shivers keep his promise of always going back to his friend Carolina.
  • Bubble Guppies - "A Very Guppy Christmas!" - When Mr. Grouper's van gets stuck in the holiday snow, Mr. Claws and his horse Snowflake come to the rescue. As snow falls and bells jingle, the Bubble Guppies will experience their first sleigh ride.
  • Wallykazam! - "Wally Saves the Trollidays" - Bobgoblin gets his hands on the Jingle Troll's sack of magical wishes.
  • Wallykazam! - "Snow Place Like Home" - Wally and Norville discover a lost baby dragon and have to help him find his home. 

Jennie O Let's Talk Turkey

Let's talk turkey, Jennie O's has always been a favorite of my families.

We were able to try many products and our favorites from the past 2 months was the Ground Turkey and the Turkey Tenderloin. The Turkey Tenderloin we grilled outside on the grill and the only ingredients we used were garlic salt and BBQ sauce (your favorite brand will do). Marinate Turkey in garlic salt, then grill until desired tenderness (all grills cook different so be sure to check the internal temperature of the tenderloin), baste Turkey and allow to grill another 5 minutes for the BBQ to flavor. Check out what a yummy meal we had below:

We chose to make Turkey Tacos with our ground Turkey. We used the below recipe:

8 corn tortillas
8 JENNIE-O Lean Turkey Breakfast Sausage Links
1 ½ cups liquid egg whites
4 tablespoons light cream cheese
2 cups fresh spinach leaves
Fresh salsa, if desired
Heat oven to 500°F. Stack tortillas and wrap in foil. Place in oven 5 to 7 minutes or until warmed. Cook sausage links as specified on the package. Always cook to well-done, 165°F as measured by a meat thermometer. Set aside.
Over medium heat, mist nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Scramble eggs, breaking into small pieces. Transfer cooked eggs to bowl; cover to keep warm until ready to assemble rollers.

Jennie-O is on facebook and twitter so be sure to check them out.

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